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pizza muffins

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Pizza Muffin Recipe -Healthy And Tasty – Children’s Day Special

0 of 5 20 Minutes 7

Pizza muffin is unlike usual sweet muffin. It is a combination of goodness of savory pizza toppings in small baked bread. This is salty, little tangy, cheesy and has full ... Read more

tandoori chicken

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Tandoori Chicken On Gas Stove | Tandoori Chicken Without Tandoor Oven

0 of 5 30 Minutes 2

Big chicken Chunks on the bone marinated in yogurt and delicious Indian spices - grilled in a tandoor to a perfection. also make tawa paneer tikka, Pomfret Tandoor, Tandoori Prawn ... Read more

Gulab Jamun With Khova/ Khova Jamun - (Pantua|Langcha) | Indian Popular Dessert

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Gulab Jamun With Khova/ Khova Jamun – (Pantua|Langcha) | Indian Popular Dessert

0 of 5 30 Minutes 500 gm

Khova jamun is very tasty, juicy and soft sugar syrup soaked balls, authentically and traditionally used khova/ khoya as main ingredient. This is actually gulab jamun but here khova ... Read more

mutton korma

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Mughlai Mutton Korma – Sharmilazkitchen

3 of 5 50 Minutes 4

Get the step by step method of making mutton korma recipe. Learn how to make mutton tender quickly. It is a flavorful, spicy and delicious recipe. Read more


Featured Recipes

Paneer Kathi Roll – Kolkata Style Paneer Tikka Roll

5 of 5 30 Minutes 10

Get the step by step method to make Paneer Kathi Roll, paneer tikka roll or paneer roll. It basically involves a parata rolled with spicy stuffing of paneer.Read more

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