My First Ever Guest Post By KravingsBlog (Roasted Chicken)

My First Ever Guest Post By KravingsBlog (Roasted Chicken)

My First Ever Guest Post By KravingsBlog (Roasted Chicken)

Yes, I’m damn excited to announce that I got my first ever guest video post and the post is given by beautiful lady Karen.
Who is Karen? Karen is a passionate cook and participated in couple of reality shows (appeared on The Decorating Challenge, Design to Win, Recipe to Riches & Pressure Cooker). She has a beautiful cooking channel “kravingsBlog” where she shares world class recipes.
Karen and I stay so far. She is in Toronto and I’m in India. So we never met personally, but we both are stirring our passion via Youtube and this is the place we found ourselves.
And I must say that Tastemade is a wonderful platform which is not only responsible for growing up a great channel but also helps in building up strong relationship with other Tastemakers.
So here is the recipe of the best Roasted Chicken by Karen.
The best part is – it is easy to follow with right tips and techniques. Watch the recipe here.

The Perfect Roasted Chicken




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