How To Peel And Devein prawns

How To Peel And Devein prawns

Watch the video above to know how to peel and devein prawns. Peeling prawn can be painstaking process if you have no idea to how to peel them.

Yes, you can buy frozen prawns but they will not be fresh. Better you buy some fresh prawns and peel at home. Fresh prawns taste better than frozen one.

If you think that de-veining prawns are difficult then this post is for you.  I made a simple video to demonstrate you how to peel and devein prawns. You will also know how to make butterfly prawns from this video. Once you watch the video try at home.

How To Peel And Devein prawnsMethod of deveining and peeling jumbo prawn

  • Wash prawns thoroughly.
  • Take a sharp knife and first remove the head.
  • Give a little cut and slowly and carefully start peeling the outer shell and legs. You have to apply little pressure as the shell is quiet hard. Peel upto the end but keep the tail on. It gives the prawn nice look and helps to eat by holding them.
  • Remove the pointed part which is called telson.
    Deveining is also very important step to do. Make a slit along the shrimp’s back.  Don’t give a deep incision. Open up and as you can see a black vein is visible. It’s called digestive tract. Pull it out slowly. Cut till the end before the tail and remove the remaining vein. Your butterfly prawn is ready.

    Benifit of the deveining is it prevents the prawn from curling. You can also keep the shell aside to make a great prawn stock.

    How To Peel And Devein prawns


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