Mother’s Day Menu plan (With Tastemade Collaborators)

Mother's Day Menu plan (With Tastemade Collaborators)

Mother’s Day Menu plan (With Tastemade Collaborators)

Every year Mother’s Day comes and goes, but I never felt so special like this year. This year is so memorable because I joined with my Foodie friends to arrange a grand menu dedicated to all the mums, grandmas, aunts, sisters, teachers and all those special women in our lives who have helped to grow us and make us who we are today.

And special thanks to Tastemade channel which gives us wonderful opportunity to communicate with the World.

Mother’s are magician. Everyday they cook awesome foods for you according to your choice. They never care about themselves. But this time it’s your turn – make some differences.
Gifts, cards and flowers are cool but there is something much more better thing you can do. You don’t need to buy an extravagant gift. Keep it simple and memorable.
Cook some awesome dishes by following our special “Breakfast to Dinner Menu Plan”.
This menu is arranged by amazing food creators from all over the world.

      1. Surprise Heart Pancakes: How about surprising your mother with heart shaped Pancakes for breakfast. Easy to prepare and load with goodness of fresh fruits.
      2. Filet Mignon Eggs Benedict: Another classic dish with layers of  potatoes, seared mignon steaks and poached eggs. Worth trying for your mom. She will feel so loved!
      3. Fruit Tea: Tea is the important beverage to gear up the morning. Lemon tea, masala tea, green tea are so usual. On the Mother’s day morning, make this citrus flavor packed “Fruit Tea” for your mom. It has freshness of lemon, orange and pineapple which increment the flavor of the tea. Your mom will feel relieved & relaxed.
      4. Middle Eastern Roast Chicken with Toum: An ultimate treat for your mom. The chicken is marinated with flavorsome middle eastern herbs and spices like olive Oil, lemon juice, sumac, pomegranate molasses and harrisa, and baked till golden brown on onion rings and lemon slices. Simply irresistable!

      5. Murg Makhani: Who doesn’t know about this Indian classic dish “Murg Makhani”? It is popular as “Butter Chicken” all over the world. It’s one of the best unique dishes. The overnight marinated chicken cooked in silky smooth onion-tomato sauce resulting juicy & succulent butter chicken. Yum..

      6. Mediterranean Frittata Muffins: These muffins are in easy to make but yet delicious category. It’s healthy snack to serve in the evening as well because the ingredients are used in the recipe make this low carb & gluten free.
        Wow! what can be better than this?

      7. Matcha Scones with Lemon Glaze: This is another great recipe to try out. Your mom will surely drool over it.
      8. Raspberry Mousse filled Chocolate Cups: Any meal is simply incomplete without dessert. So these chocolate cups surely impress your mom and complete your feast. Don’t believe? Try it!
      9. Raspberry chocolate tart: This is another chocolaty dessert idea to make your Mother’s Day special and relish it any time of the day. No need to bake. very simple but insanely delicious..

We try our level best to guide you deciding the whole day’s menu. This is the time to put world’s best dishes on the table – just for your mom. Hope this will be helpful. I’m looking forward for a great response from you all..

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Happy Mother’s day.. Enjoy the fullest.

Here is playlist covers all the recipes.

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