Ratan Jot

Ratan Jot


Ratan Jot is a dried herb, grown in Jammu and Kashmir of India. The English name is Alkanet or Alkanna tinctoria. The root of the plant is used in different way since ancient age.


  • Soluble in alcohol, ethers and the oil, but insoluble in water


Used as a dye:

Its root produces fine red color which has been used as a dye in the Mediterranean area since antiquity.

Used as a color:

It is used to give color to alcohol, vegetable oils and varnishes. Also used as a colorant for  lipstick and rouge (cosmetics).

Uses in Indian cuisine:

The root is ground to a powder and used as a natural food coloring. Vibrant red in color and look flaming hot but are not hot to taste as chili powder.
The spice is used in famous Indian dishes such as Rogan Josh and Tandoori Chicken.

It is almost becoming rare herb. So A lot of Indian Restaurant use standard red food colors instead of ratan jot..

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