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1 Minute Bread Pizza In Microwave – step by step recipe with great video..

Bread Pizza in 1 minute! Can you ever imagine how easy and quick this pizza would be?

Hello dear moms of school going kids,   here is an easy peasy cheesy bread pizza recipe is waiting to rescue you from  daily worries for your kid’s lunch box.

Bread Pizza is an instant snack/ tiffin, in which pizza bread is replaced by the regular slices of bread, covered with lot of colorful vegetables and of course topped up with lot of cheese. who eats pizza without cheese?

This is mini pizza which can be finished in two bites. Kids will definitely enjoy it.

I made this pizza in microwave in only 1 minute.
You can also make it on GAS STOVE in 2 – 3 minutes.
It can also be made in OVEN – set the temp 180 C for 8 – 10 minutes.

bread pizza
bread pizza

First I’m going to cut the bread slices in round shape. I’m doing so because the bread should look like pizza base which is round. So I have taken a sharp edge small bowl. Place in center and press it down so that the edges separate well. Remove the extra edges.
You can also make the pizza without cutting the corners. I’m putting extra effort to make it appetizing.

Apply little olive oil on the breads (or you can use regular veg oil/ butter). I’m applying olive oil to bring more intense flavors on the pizza.

Now apply pizza sauce. If you don’t have pizza sauce, you can use tomato ketch up instead. Or if you want to make pizza sauce from scratch, here is a link for you.

Now add cheese slice. This is optional. you can skip it though.
On the top add little chopped onion, capsicum, tomato, green chilies and black olives. Spread it all over.
This is so tiny pizza. So don’t need to put lot of vegetables. Now add black olives.
Top up with lot of mozarella cheese.
Which brand of mozzarella cheese do you use? let me know in the comment section below. I loved using milky mist shredded mozzarella because it gives real texture and stretchy cheesy effect. I used Britannia pizza cheese many times for cooking pizza and other cheese based dishes. But it didn’t give expected result.

Now sprinkle chili flakes and oregano seasoning. Finally top up with 2 drops of oil so that the pizza don’t get dried up. So my 4 bread pizza is ready to go in the microwave.

This is my 7 years old microwave which has only grill+micro functionality. It has no convection mode. Press the combi button and set cooking time for 1 minute. cook until cheese melts.

And tadaaaaaaaa. My bread pizza is ready in 1 minute.

Note: I have not added salt because pizza sauce, bread and cheese contain enough salt to season it.

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