Achari Chicken – Pickle Spiced Chicken

Thinking of pickle first our taste buds start tingling to have it. And this achari chicken is full of pickle flavor, tangy and appetizing.

As you know I love experimenting chicken dishes and pickle is everyone’s favorite. This dish has put the two favorite elements together and double the joy of this treat.

Serve with rice or roti or else enjoy alone.

In this recipe video you will learn about pickle spices which is a blend of five aromatic spices. The recipe quantities will allow you to make so many achari dishes.

Try some other variation by adding paneer, mushroom or other vegetables and share your experience with me.

Before making this dish, make sure you go through these tips:

  • Pickle spice or Achari masala is known as panch phoran in Bengali cooking. In almost every dish we must add this to enhance the flavor and taste. So these spices are very special in Bengali cuisine.These paanch phoran or five spices consists of cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, onion seeds, fennel seeds and mustard seeds or rai in equal parts. But I personally add little amount of  fenugreek seeds as it has bitter taste. In this recipe, dry roast all these spices and make a fine powder. Store it in an airtight container.

  • Use mustard oil to get best and flavorful achari chicken.

  • I added less oil but actually the dish is made in lot of oil. When it is health concern I try to put less oil.

  • I will suggest you to not to make gravy of the achari chicken. If you add water you will not get that pickle taste. Usually the pickle that we have is dry, tangy, flavored with many spices and imerse in oil. No moisture or water is there. So our achari chicken should be like that.
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