Beaten Coffee/ Indian Style Cappuccino (Video recipe) By Sharmilazkitchen.

Get the wonderful beaten coffee recipe with excellent video demonstration and tips & tricks to experience frothy Cappuccino at home without coffee maker only in 15 minutes.

To make beaten coffee all you need is 3 ingredients, no special appliances and only 15 minutes from your busy schedule.. That’s it.. Your homemade CCD style Cappuccino will be ready to sip.Beaten Coffee

A cappuccino is generally an Italian coffee drink that is traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. But it’s not possible to make espresso at home without espresso maker. You can go one of the artisan coffee shops once in a while and indulge in an expensive cup of coffee. But it will not satisfy your everyday cravings.
Beaten coffee is a special coffee recipe that I’m going to share today. It could rescue your taste buds from the artificial taste of ready made coffee and save your expense..  Starting with a good cup of coffee can make your day and balance your mood.  This coffee recipe makes use of the same ingredients that you always use and yet, it will give your favorite cafe feeling at home!

Beaten Coffee
Coffee Mix – just started beating
Beaten CoffeeCoffee mix after beating// Thick, creamy and light

The secret behind good frothing coffee lies in beating technique.The coffee powder, sugar and few splashes of milk should be beaten by whisk/ spoon vigorously to trap air into the mix so that it becomes light in volume, thick and creamy. When the hot milk will be added, this coffee mix will dissolve and the air will be released to create a delicious froth on top of the coffee. That’s why it gets name “Beaten coffee/ Hand Beaten Coffee”.

Undoubtedly, it needs good muscle work. You need to beat it for 12- 15 minutes to reach at the stage of creaminess of the mixture. So I would suggest you to make the coffee mix in large quantity to enjoy some more days and also serve this to the guests.


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