Homestyle Bengali Chicken Curry With Potato By Sharmilazkitchen (Aloo Murgir Jhol)

Learn easy and authentic Bengali Mangsher Jhol (Masala Chicken Curry With Potato) recipe. This curry is prepared in all Bengali’s households.

chicken kosha

“Jhol” is a term that denotes liquid curry/ stew which is prepared with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, seasonings and water (to make liquid). You can put chicken, fish, egg or any non veg stuffs in the curry and it will come out nice.
It is spicy and generally serve with steamed rice. It’s a comfort food in Bengali and Odisha houses.
The most substantial ingredient of making this chicken curry/ jhol is mustard oil. It gives pungent and earthy flavor in the curry.

Aloo fry for chicken curry
Bengali has a (good or bad) reputation to add potato in almost every curry. :)..Why shouldn’t we add? It just tastes awesome guys. You should try this. It also increases the proportion.
I have been blogging and vlogging (video blogging) for almost 3 1/2 years. Being a Bong, I have not done fare with you (my readers) by not sharing our specialty. So here it goes.
It is specially prepared with mutton on every Sunday in Bengali houses. But mutton is a rare affair in my house. So I prepare the curry with chicken and as I said you can prepare with fish, egg or veggies too.

chicken curry1

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