Bengali Rasgulla / Rosogolla| Indian Authentic Dessert

Some call it Rasgulla, Rasgulle or rosogolla in Bengali.. Whatever the name is – These sweet cheese balls are really sinful dessert, compel your mouth to drop water.

Find all the solutions to make perfect soft and spongy rasgulla like sweet shop. Rasgulla/ rosoglla is Indian sweet cheese balls prepared by freshly squeezed chenna/ cheese which is done by curdling the milk and cooked in sugar syrup. Very authentic and no fail recipe.. This is the dessert you must try before you die..

This recipe has 5 basic parts:

  • Making the cheese or Chenna
  • Thick sugar syrup
  • Kneading the cheese/ chenna
  • Thin sugar syrup
  • Cooked the cheeseballs in sugar syrup

See the above video or instruction below to make perfect Rosogollas at home.

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