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Bhapa Ilish – Steamed Mustard Hilsa – Shorshe Bhapa Ilish- Easy Bengali Fish Recipe – Step by step recipe with Youtube video.

Bhapa Ilish is a delicious Bengali Hilsa Fish Recipe, where Hilsa is marinated in puissant mustard – coconut paste and steamed. It needs only 14 minutes to be ready. Serve along with rice and other side dishes, like dal, alu’r jhuri bhaja khejur aar aamsotto diye tomato chutney.


Bhapa Ilish or Ilish Bhaape is a traditional Bengali fish recipe. It is made with seasonal fish – Ilish,  (Tenualosa ilisha) (Bengali: ইলিশ), also known as the ilishahilsahilsa herring or hilsa shad, is a species of fish related to the herring, in the family Clupeidae. The fish is available during monsoon in the river because it swims upstream from the sea to spawn. In this season Bengalis celebrate the Hilsa festival and place a vital role in Bengali’s all-important occasions. They prepare all the possible delicacies with Hilsa.

IlishIlish/ hilsa is one of the tastiest fishes due to its distinctly soft oily texture and amazing flavour. When it combines with the potent mustard paste and steamed/ pan fried, it tastes heavenly delicious.


Ilish fish with mustard paste is very popular in Bengali’s household. First, the fish is cleaned properly and cut into equal sizes. Then a smooth paste of mustard is being prepared. Also, coconut, turmeric powder, salt, sugar, green chilies, mustard oil, and water are added.


Marinade the fish pieces in the mustard paste for 10 min in a tiffin box.


Pour in water in the steamer/ pot where the tiffin box will be placed. Keep a stand also so that the container doesn’t touch the bottom of the steamer and remains a gap between.

When the water starts boiling, place the tiffin container.

IlishSteam for 15 min.

IlishThe “Bhapa Ilish” is ready. Serve with hot steaming rice.




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