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Get step by step Chicken Pakora (chicken fritters) recipe – bite-size chicken pieces marinated in special gram flour batter, consisting of various Indian spices and then cooked to a crisp.

Chicken pakora is one of the popular starters/ snacks served in restaurants and roadside stalls as well. This can also be prepared in the house because it is easy to prepare, quick and perfect starter with hot cuppa tea.


The preparation differs restaurants to restaurants, house to house depending on the availability of local ingredients. Here is my take on chicken pakora (pakoda). I love this chicken pakora with silk and shiny coat of gram flour batter.

The most important thing to get perfect chicken pakora lies in the batter. If your batter is well made any pakora will be delicious. Using this gram flour batter you can make vegetable pakora, fish pakora, mushrroom pakora and so on.

My version of chicken pakora is more crispy on outside and tender and juicy inside.

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