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This sizzler is undoubtedly yummy & sizzling, laden with exotic chinese flavours and spices. Our all favorite hakka noodles is topped with a chicken manchurian and served with garlic mushroom sauce, french fries and boiled vegetables.

Sizzler is a dish which we usually don’t make at home. Because it needs different utensil made with iron (because it retains heat for long time) and consist wooden stand to hold the iron plate. The food that will be served on sizzler plate should be made earlier, then heat the plate for long time(at least 5 minutes). Before serving assemble the food, put some sauce on the top which makes the sizzer sizzle and serve immediately.

In one word “Sizzler” is a open-roasted, grilled or shallow fried piece of meat, chicken, fish or vegetable patty, served with french fries, shredded cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, french beans etc., served on a metal or stone hot plate, kept on a wooden base.

The first sizzler served in US (Culver City, CA) in 1958 when the restaurant of the same name, started serving steak and veggies together on a hot plate with gravy poured on. This would keep the meat and vegetables hot for a longer time than the traditional method of serving on a china plate. The dish was NOT invented in Pune or Bangalore or Mumbai or Delhi, as it is variously made out to be.

The word “sizzler” comes from the sizzle that one hears when, after heating the dish under a grill (the meat is usually cooked separately to conserve time), the Worcestershire Sauce based gravy is poured on, which dribbles on the hot plate and heats up, creates nice aroma and presentation.

This recipe has three main elements

As accompaniment I served masala french fries and boiled vegetables.

The sizzler was truly delicious.. My family enjoyed very much. You must try and let me know.

Watch the video (above) with simple and easy instruction. The following are the recipe quantities. If you have any suggestion, feedback let me know.. I love to hear from you..


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