Egg Poha By Sharmilazkitchen | Dim Chinrer Polao | Fried Egg & Beaten Rice

This poha is not a typical Marashtrian recipe. It is heaped up with lot of delicious flavors and twist.

Poha is known as differents names in different states. But the best I know Chinre/ Chire (চিড়ে) in Bengali, Poha in Maharashtra and other South Indian states and Flattten rice/ beaten rice/ Rice flakes/ Pressed Rice in English.poha

Poha is one of the staple breakfast recipe of Maharashtra, India. Generally beaten rice is cooked up with some of your favorite veggies, spiced up and seasoned to perfection..

Now it is one of the popular breakfast dishes in almost every nook and corner of the country and each family has their own way of making this dish. The most popular recipe on the web Kande pohe, matar pohe and so on.


In this recipe I added eggs to make it protein rich and more delicious that fulfills our much needed morning nutrition, flavored with curry leaves and at last serve with a dash of lime juice and crunchy sev/ snack mix. A good cuppa chai with it completes the morning breakfast.

It is a easy, quick and healthy option for breakfast or brunch or as a snack.

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