Frittata – Italian Fried Omelette with vegetables & Cheese

Get the step by step Frittata recipe which is extremely cheesy and nutritious.

Frittata is an egg based Italian dish which is similar to Indian omelette but enriched with additional ingredients such as meats,cheeses, vegetables or pasta. It is also known as crust less quiche and looks like pizza.

This recipe goes well with any kind of leftover vegetables and meats that you have on hand. Sometimes we have only few veggies like one carrot, 2 mushrooms, bell pepper and may be some chicken pieces. We don’t have any idea what should we make with those vegetables. So here is one quick solution to make frittata.

frittata - veggies to cook

Frittatas will save you from hunger instantly because it needs less time and don’t need culinary expertise. Just throw in some vegetables in the skillet and pour eggs over. Allow it to cook and spread lot of cheese on the top. Then bake in the oven. Hence frittata got nice and golden brown crunch on the top. But it needs oven proof skillet (ex. cast iron pan) to bake in the oven. As I don’t have oven proof pan, so I skipped it. till it tastes Delicious.


Using many eggs is the key to make perfect and fluffy frittata. In this recipe I put 4 eggs and veggies that also increase the portion of frittata and can be served 5-6 people.

It is ideal breakfast or brunch menu. Toast some breads, put some green salads on side and enjoy.


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