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Harissa Sauce Recipe – How To Make Harissa Spicy With Storage Tips – Step by step recipe instruction with Video.

Harissa sauce is a spicy chili-based condiment, sauce, and dip. It is a very spicy and aromatic chili paste that is a broadly stapled in North African and middle eastern cooking. Flavor packed harissa can make a quite spicy punch to your meal.  The flavor base can also be used for curries and stews.

The main ingredients of the Harissa sauce are roasted red peppers,

Baklouti peppers or serrano peppers, spices, and herbs such as garlic, fennel, coriander seeds, cumin and olive oil. In this version of the sauce, it got a bit of a twist by replacing the baklouti peppers with local dry red chilies as it is only available around and cheap.


One can experiment with Harissa in a few ways. You can add the paste in chicken, meat, paneer, or even vegetables. Roast or grill; tastes delicious.

It can be used as a dip also. Add a or two tbsp of harissa with 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and use the dip with the starter.

Harissa becomes popular in India for Domino’s unique food products tacos, zingy parcel, etc.. I already posted chicken taco first time on youtube and it got a huge hit.

How can you use in Indian cuisine?

The harissa sauce is a combination of red chilies, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, and some spices. We use almost all of them in our cuisine. You can add the sauce in any gravy like paneer gravy, any vegetable stew, or curries. You can also have it as a chutney with dosa, idli, uttapam, paratha or rice. You can also add the sauce in noodles, rice and make quick harissa noodles or harissa fried rice.




The recipe has few steps. The first step starts with soaking dried red chilies in hot water for 20 minutes. Once soaked, cut the stem. Chilies are very hot,  it can burn your hands. Be careful.  I cut the stem in a unique way without touching the chilies. Watch the video.


In the meantime, roast the spices – cumin, coriander, and fennel for 2-3 min. Make sure the spices are well toasted. When the fragrant and fresh roasted spices will be added to the harissa, it will create dramatic flavor. Once roasted, keep aside. Allow to cool down. Then grind them to a powder.

Moving to the next step which is very crucial – roast red bell pepper and tomatoes. Brush oil on the top and roast on fire directly until soft. Take out and give cold water bathing. It will help to remove the peels easily.

Once cooled down, remove the skin. Chop them off into small pieces.


Now put fresh spice powder, red bell pepper, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt, and sugar in a blender jar. Blend them to a smooth paste. Don’t use water for a long shelf life. If you find difficulty in blending, add more oil or vinegar.

If you want to store them for a long time, sterilize the bottle and keep the paste safe in the sterilized bottle.

The quantities I mentioned is completely perfect if you don’t alter.





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