Homemade Chicken Shawarma Roll Recipe – Egg Shwarma Wrap – Arabic Shwarma By Sharmilazkitchen

Chicken Shawarma Roll at home – Egg Shwarma Wrap – step by step recipe with video demonstration.

Chicken Shawarma is a popular Arabian dish that is made by grilling meat on spit.

First marinated meat and fat alternatively stacked on a special kind of griller which rotates and provides essential heat to the meat to grill and cook slowly. Then the meat is shedded off from the spit when it is required and serve as appetizer and used to make rolls or wraps.

Chicken Shawarma

Today I will be making easy shwarma  recipe made in a pan that is going to be wrapped in Arabic pita bread, which is known as Chicken Swarma roll and it is very popular street food in India.

This recipe has following steps:

  • Marinade the chicken
  • Make dough for pita bread
  • Grill the chicken on pan
  • Make the pita bread
  • make tahini & garlic sauce (toum)
  • Now wrap the grilled chicken in pita bread along with salad and sauce.

I’m also gonna be making egg shwarma roll for those who don’t eat chicken (like my father in law). It s so simple. It is like egg roll with extra white sauce and salads.

Let me introduce some of the terms that I used in the post.

What is pita bread:

Pita bread is an Arabic bread made with yeast, flour, olive oil, salt and sugar. It looks similar like Naan. But there are some differences. Naan is made in tandoor and the ingredients are milk, curd, flour , ghee, sometimes eggs also added.

What is Tahini:

Tahini is one kind of dipping sauce, mainly used in Middle East cuisine. It is a paste of sesame (til) and olive oil.

shawrma sauce

What is garlic sauce (toum)?

Garlic sauce is another type of dipping sauce, made by blending the garlic with cold oil, resulting smoothe and fluffy garlic sauce a.k.a Arabic toum.

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