Jammy chocolaty muffins

Jammy chocolaty muffins

Muffin is a small and spongy cake-like bread. They are similar to cupcakes in size and cooking methods. The main difference is – the batter of muffins are much denser than cupcakes which are light and airy.

The principle to making good muffins is not over-mixing the batter. Once the wet ingredients are added to the dry, just cut and fold by a spoon until the flour is moistened. Batter will be thick and lumpy but no pockets of dry ingredients should remain. The general rule is only 12 strokes. Keep in mind “DO NOT OVER-MIX”. Excessive mixing causes loss of leavening and produce dry and toughen muffin.

The perfect muffin should have a thin brown crust, a slightly rounded top with a crag
appearance and moist inside. There should be no peaks, no tunnels which are usually caused by excessive mixing and too much liquid.

The muffin can be both sweet and savory. Jammy chocolaty muffin is a sweet one. It is just perfect for upcoming party. Kids love it too. The two main ingredients of the muffin are chocolate and jam are always get ready in your home. Just a quick mix and see how easily it gets done. You can prepare and keep these muffins for a few days too, so you can grab one anytime you feel hungry!

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