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Kaju Barfi/ Kaju Katli is one of the popular sweets of India. It literally means “Cashew Fudge” which is synonymous with Indian great festivals like Holi, Diwali and Dussera. Every year in Diwali we receive a sweet box in which kaju barfi is must have in there.kaju-barfi

Ground cashews cooked in sugar syrup and then give a diamond shape.

It is favorite to all age groups because it’s mouth melting, sweet and insanely delicious. It’s always a good way to enjoy the cashew goodness in every bite.

Kaju barfi is a rich cashew dessert,  needs very minimal ingredients to make but the cooking method is little tricky. That might be the reason why often the people don’t attempt making these sweets at home. But now you can make this because you know the method.

cashew-powderCashew powder
cashew-doughCashew dough out of cashew powder and sugar syrup

I made perfect kaju barfi after  4-5 trials. Through my trials and errors I learnt few things to achieve perfect kaju katli that I shared in my video and recipe – Like how should be the texture of cashew powder,  the right consistency of the sugar syrup & cashew dough and why should you knead the cashew dough.


In this recipe, measurement of the ingredients is very important! If the syrup is thick, your kaju barfi will come out hard and couldn’t able to even roll. It will become cashew crumble. And if the sugar syrup is thin, you can’t give this a shape. The video (above) helps you to make perfect kaju barfi at home.


Silver varakh on rolled cashew dough

I used chandi ka varakh/ silver leaf for garnishing. To be frank, it’s not easily available in local store. I asked sweet shops many times to get it for me. But they didn’t help.It’s bit pricey too. So if you don’t get it, you can skip it. Silver varakh does not add extra taste. It is only for making the dish appetizing.


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