Gulab Jamun With Khoya/ Khova Jamun – (Pantua|Langcha) | Indian Popular Dessert

Learn our all favorite Diwali sweet – Khova jamun (pantua/ langcha) with step by step method and video.

Khova jamun is very tasty, juicy and soft  sugar syrup soaked balls, authentically and traditionally used khova/ khoya/mawa as main ingredient. This is actually gulab jamun but here khova is used as dominant ingredient and also used fresh paneer (chhena) to bring richness and make it very special for Diwali.

khova jamun

There are more ways to prepare gulab jamun. Some prepare with milk powder which is very basic and easy. There is also another kind of gulab jamun, made with bread which is quite innovative and easy too.

Diwali Is around the corner. It’s time to indulge yourself into sweets and only in sweets. Among all the sweets, most loved  sweet by all is – Khova Jamun.

Diwali is like Indian Christmas. The whole country initiates celebration with lights before some days of Diwali, the houses are decorated with diyas (oil lamp made with clay), people dresses up with their best attires and worship goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Most of the sweets are made at home only and exchanged with family and friends. It’s really amazing experience of sharing goodies with warmth and love.

In Bengal Khova jamun is known as pantua. Langcha is also made with same ingredients, only the difference is in shape.

Pantua looks like round ball and langcha looks long cylindrical.

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