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Get the Japanese most popular topping Kinako recipe.

Kinako Powder is simply roasted soy beans flour. It is widely used in Japanese cooking. Usually it is served as topping on side of any dish and sometimes it is used to coat any Japanese sweet dish. I was introduced to this recipe, when I made the revolutionary dessert “Raindrop Cake“. It’s really cute jello and refreshing.

soy beans

The Kinako has distinct peanut buttery taste and complements any Japanese dishes. The most popular sweet “Dango” which is a rice flour dumplings , are commonly coated with soy beans flour.

roasted soyRoasted soy beans.
kinakoKinako/ soy beans flour

Some more popular desserts like “Wagashi ( traditional Japanese sweet)”, “Ohagi”,” Warabimochi” and “Abekawa-mochi” are also coated with kinako. Sometimes it is combined with milk or soy milk and made into a healthy drink.

However, It is a healthy option for topping as it is rich in proteins, vitamin B and minerals. So we can use it in daal, pakodas or top in salad apart from using in Japanese dishes.

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