Mirchi ka Salan Recipe – Hyderabadi Salan Recipe – Authentic Mirch Ka Salan – Biryani Gravy

Mirchi ka Salan Recipe – Hyderabadi Salan Recipe – Authentic Mirch Ka Salan – Biryani Gravy Recipe – Step By Step Recipe With Video.

Mirchi ka Salan is one of the famous Hyderabadi gravy dishes. Mirchi refers to chilli and salan mean gravy. So it’s a chilli-based gravy dish in which Hyderabadi big and long chillis are used.

If you had biryani in Hyderabad, you might notice that one type of gravy and raita is served alongside. that is salan. It is also known as – Biryani Gravy.

Mirchi ka Salan has a spicy, creamy and slightly tangy taste. Many of you might have a dought that the dish would be very hot and spicy. But it’s certainly not. The base gravy is made up of coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds paste. The spiciness is controlled by tangy tamarind or any sour ingredients.

Roast peanuts on low heat for 5 minutes.mirchi ka salan

Also, roast sesame seeds, coconut powder, cumin and coriander seeds.

Shallow fry onion and tomato.

Once all the ingredients cool down, put dry roasted spices followed by turmeric powder, red chilli powder and 3 – 4 tbsp water. Blend till smooth and keep the masala paste aside.

Soak tamarind pulp in hot water and keep aside for 20 min. Strain out the pulp.

Cut the chillies and shallow fry in oil.

Temper the oil with curry leaves, black cumin, very few seeds of fenugreek, jeera and mustard seeds.

Put ginger garlic paste, cook 2 min.

Add ground masala and salt.

Add 1/2 cup of water and cook the masala now for 5 minutes until moisture evaporates and oil separates.
mirchi ka salan

Add tamarind pulp, fried chillies, and roasted tomato. Cook another 5 min on low heat.  Finish the salan with chopped coriander leaves.

Now our MIRCHI KA SALAN is ready. Serve with Hyderabadi Biryani or Bagara Rice.



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