Mishti Doi By Sharmilazkitchen – Authentic Bengali No Bake Sweet Yogurt

Mishti Doi is a very special dessert of Bengal. Learn how to make this authentic mishti doi at home.

set mishti doi

Mishti Doi is a fermented sweet yogurt. I always wondered how to make perfectly colored mishti doi like sweet shops make. I tried with condensed milk. It tastes good but not get the perfect brown texture. After researching a bit, I  discovered it is done by simply caramelizing the sugar.

So Mishti Doi is done by boiling milk until it is reduced to almost half, sweetened by sugar and it got nice rich texture from caramelized sugar which also adds great flavor. Then plain yogurt is added and allow it to ferment for 14 hours to 24 hours.

earthen potsEarthen pots are best used to make sweet yogurt. It soaks up all the moisture through its pourous wall and produces right temperature for the growth of the culture.

It tastes best without adding any flavor.

Allow the mishti doi to ferment in the warmth place. Usually kitchen is the best place because it remains hotter than other rooms. Weather also plays a vital role. In summer it sets quickly (approx.14 hours) but in winter it takes little more time ( approx 24 hours). If the weather is too cold, it won’t set properly. In that case bake the mishti doi.

set mishti doi

Usually 1 tsp plain yogurt is perfect for fermenting plain yogurt where as sweet yogurt needs 4 times more to ferment means if you need 1 tsp to ferment  250 ml plain yogurt, then 4 tsp will require to set same amount mishti doi. Before adding yogurt, you need to whisk it properly so no lumps left in it.

Always allow it to set in warm place.

Caramelizing sugar should be done with care. It needs deep attention. If you are out of focus, it could be burnt.

Always add yogurt when the milk is in lukewarm temperature means when you dip your finger, you can tolerate the heat. If it is added in hot milk, the sweet yogurt/ mishti doi will curdle.

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