How To Make Chop Suey With Halloween Twist | Spooky Eyes Chop Suey

Chop Suey is a dish which we usually don’t make at home. First I ate this dish in the restaurant and I loved this dish. Crispy fried noodles layered up with tangy chicken & vegetable sauce and topped up with sunny side up egg ( unbeaten egg fried on one side until the egg white just set and golden yolk is runny).

This recipe seems like came from Chinese cuisine. But surprisingly this is an invention of chinese restaurateurs in western countries. One of the literal translations of this recipe means ‘savoury mess’.

Inspired by upcoming Halloween celebration, I made this chop suey with horrible monster twist so that it looks like a monster face.

Before getting started lemme tell you that this is my 3rd collaboration video after two successful collaboration (Mother’s day and Father’s day) with world’s best tastemakers and it’s my first Halloween celebration with you guys. This type of recipe I never made before. So I’m very much excited.

This recipe that I’m going to share now is a complete guide to make “Chop Suey”. You don’t need to go anywhere for 2nd option.

It has 3 steps to go –

  • Frying noodles
  • Sweet & tangy chicken & vegetable sauce
  • Sunny side up eggs that I’m going to replace with capsicum ring eggs to give it look like monster eyes.
  • Finally assemble them up

You can serve this dish as snack or one meal dinner on your Halloween party. Your guests and kids will enjoy it terrifically.

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