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Now experience the ultimate Noormahal Biryani at home, made with simple ingredients, but great in taste.


Noormahal Biryani  is named after Noormahal palace which was the princely estate of the royal family of Bahawalpur (now in  Punjab, Pakistan) during the British Era. Like the pomp and grandeur of each and every thing in this palace, the royal kitchen was also famous due to the culinary experts, who created the gem called “Noormahal Biryani.”

noormahal biryaniMinced tender and juicy chicken koftas (balls) tossed in delightful sauce, layered with flavorful basmati rice and cooked on dum for shorter span. . The use of the right spices in correct proportions creates an unmatched texture and a medley of distinctive flavors. This biryani is indeed a “feast for senses”.

I made this biryani in easy and simple way so you can make this dish with nearly available ingredients and enjoy the most flavorful biryani that will date you back to the era of the Nawabs.

This biryani goes well with any raita.

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