Nolen Gurer Payesh – Rice Pudding With Date Palm Jaggery

Payesh is basically a rice pudding where fragrant rice cooked in milk and sugar until thick and creamy. But this recipe is very special because here nolen gur (date palm jaggery) is used  instead of sugar.

This date palm jaggery is seasonal – only available during winter months in North East zone of India and Bangladesh. So we just don’t want to miss a single chance to incorporate in our daily sweets. No matter wherever we are.. Generally I ask my relatives to bring it for me and store in the refrigerator to enjoy rest of the year.gobindo-bhog

There are two types of variety you will found..

  • Liquid Jaggery
  • Solid Jaggerygur


Solid jaggery can be stored for upto two years but liquid jaggery has very short time span. It’s better to finish within 2-3 months.

This payesh is considered as auspicious during makar sankranti. It’s flavor is awesome.  Make this one day ahead of makar sankranti. In time between the rice pudding will set and enjoy delicious and chilled payesh in the festive morning.

Points to be noted:

which rice should be used?

 Use gobindo bhog rice to get the best payesh ever. If you don’t have this rice, then try basmati or normal rice.

how much milk is required to make payesh?

 For 50 gm rice put 1 litre milk. It’s better to use full cream milk to achieve thick and creamy consistency

Why milk is curdling after adding jaggery?

 Sometimes if the quality of the jaggery is not good, your milk may curdle. 

How to check the quality of jaggery?

 Take 3-4 tbsp hot milk in a bowl. To this add your jaggery. Let it dissolve completely. Stir it. If the milk has curdled at this point means it is not good. You should not use this jaggery in our payesh. Better try other jaggery, if available.. Else put sugar instead. 

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