Paneer Tikka Pizza In Microwave (3 1/2 minutes baking Time)

Learn how to make delicious Paneer Tikka Pizza In Microwave in 3 1/2 minutes. Many of you requested me to show this recipe on YouTube. So here it goes.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Pizza is an Italian dish. It is a flatbread also called pizza base, made with flour, salt, olive oil and yeast solution. Then topped up with tomato sauce, any topping of your choice and loaded with lot of cheese, and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments.

yeastDry Yeast for fermenting pizza dough
pizza doughPizza dough is getting ready to fermenting 

Most of us love to eat cheesy pizza from famous outlets. But it is really easy to prepare at home and needs only 3 1/2 minutes to cook in microwave.

yeast solutionYeast solution made with lukewarm water & sugar.
fermented doughFermented dough 

Normally, you can buy un-baked pizza base from market and then top it up with cheese and veggie’s to bake. But it doesn’t taste so good. So I tried making in my microwave and the pizza came out much better & economical.

pizza b4 bakingI made Paneer Tikka Pizza this time. It really tastes divine. Though I love adding chicken in my every dishes, but it is not always fare with my vegetarian friends. So this paneer tikka pizza is dedicated to my vegetarian friends.

Here I use my Whirlpool Magicook 20g microwave which has no convection settings and is 700 watt. It has power, grill and combi mode.

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Power mode is for only cooking, Grilling is for browning the food and Combi is the mode when we need to cook and grill the food at the same time. So I used powder mode to bake the pizza base and then combi mode to finish  baking the pizza.
In microwave heat comes from the top only, not from the sides like OTG does.That’s why first I cooked the pizza base partially for 1 minute each side. Longer cooking can make the base hard. If you feel, the pizza base has not cooked well, then put it for additional 30 seconds. By the time it will be cooked.

Actually different microwave has different power and setting. So follow the guidelines and adjust accordingly.

I put all the details to start and finish from making the dough, how to prepare pizza base in microwave and choice of toppings. So enjoy home made pizza anytime!

If you are gonna make it, you will also need pizza sauce recipe. Check the link: pizza saucepizza sauce


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