Patterned Swiss Roll Cake | Japanese Deco Roll Cake | Valentine’s Day Special

This is also called  Swiss roll, jelly roll, or cream roll. It is a type of sponge cake roll filled with whipped cream, jam, or icing and decorate pattern on the cake sponge to make the look beautiful and classy.
You may use buttercream frosting or fondant to decorate the cake but this is a dumb way to decorate the cake.  The origins of the term are unclear. In spite of the name Swiss roll, the cake is believed to have originated elsewhere in Central Europe, likely Austria. (Source: (wikipedia)

While making this cake, i had gone through many disasters, errors and made mistakes. I learned through those mistakes and made this cake perfect. So Please follow the tips and tricks that I shared in this video above.

Roll Cake


Tip 1

Make sure butter and eggs in room temperature. For this cake measurement is very important. So put the ingredients after measuring.


When you are separating egg whites and yolk s for roll cake, make sure the egg is chilled otherwise there are high chances to break the egg yolk and spoil egg whites. After separating the whites and yolk, leave them in room temperature


While rolling the cake for last time be gentle. Because there is high chances to break the cake.

I divided the whole process in three easy steps..

Roll Cake

  1. Make the pattern.
  2. Whipped cream frosting
  3. Third is making the cake

Finally assemble and roll the cake.

Here I used tray and some essential things. Here I put the links together so that you can easily find out.

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