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Payesh Recipe – Ranga Payesh – Caramel Rice Pudding – Durga Pujo Special Recipe – Sharmilazkitchen – Step by step recipe with youtube video.

Payesh is a Bengali version of rice pudding. Our today’s recipe of payesh is a little variant from our soulful dessert – Chaler Payesh. Because we are adding caramel to the milky rice pudding. It will achieve a nice red hue and taste because of caramel. That’s why it is given the name – Ranga Payesh or laal payesh.

Bengali Rice Pudding is considered as the most auspicious dessert in any festival or occasion. It is also popularly called kheer by the Hindi language community.

Do you know why is payesh so special to us?

A good Bengali payesh means more milk and less rice (10:0.5) resulting in rich and creamy payesh, flavored with cardamom and bay leaf, sweetened by sugar and enriched with ghee fried cashew and raisins. The other kind of payesh or kheer uses less milk and cooked rice. So the taste between their kheer and Bengali kheer has a huge difference…

Bengali kheer also uses short grain fragrant jeera rice (gobindo bhog chaal) which makes the payesh extraordinary. In today’s recipe, we put a small tweak of adding caramel flavor in the payesh to make it uniquely flavorful.

Other popular variations are  Nolen gurer payesh, chaler payesh, semaier payesh. Some more popular Bengali desserts are Rosogolla, Laal Mishti Doi, Pantua, Kalojaam, komla bhog, Jolbhora sondesh, patishapta, etc.

rice pudding payesh

Firstly wash and soak Gobibdobhog Chaal for 20 min. Once soaked well, rinse and drain the excess water. If you can not find Gobibdobhog rice, use regular rice or basmati rice. If you are using basmati rice soak it first. After soaking the rice will be soft. to crush. Press the rice with hand hardly. The rice breaks and becomes short grain.

In the meantime, fry cashews in ghee for a few minutes. Before taking out, put in raisins. Fry for few seconds until puff up. Once you see the raisins have started puffing up, take out immediately, else the raisins will burn.


In the same pan fry the rice for 2 -3 minutes. Make sure the rice does not turn into golden brown. Just moisture goes off, take out.

Heat the milk. Add in bay leaves and cardamom powder. Let it come to a boil. After boiling the milk, add in ghee fried rice, cashew, and raisins. Cook the rice until soft. Don’t add the sugar while cooking the rice in milk, else the rice will remain hard.



In the meantime, make the caramel. Cook the sugar with a little amount of water until deeply brown. It takes about 8 -10 minutes. Stir continuously at the end of making caramel, otherwise, it will burn. Add milk to the caramel and mix. The caramel will be clumpy initially. After cooking for 2 -3 minutes, the caramel will be mixed with milk.

Add in the caramel.

Keep cooking until it becomes rich creamy and thick.

Payesh is ready. cool down before serving. You can serve at room temperature or chilled. You can also serve it with luchi, paratha, bread, or as a main dessert with bhoger thali.

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