Perfect Motichur Laddu (Step By Step Video Recipe)

Motichur laddu is my favorite. hope I don’t need to re-introduce motichur laddus. Super mini boondis are cooked in sugar syrup and form round balls.

For that you need special sieve or perforated ladle.Laddu sieve

I had a wish to make the real motichur laddus for long time. I saw the halwais making these laddus with very fine sieve. I asked about the sieve in the local stores but they could not make satisfying answer. Then one of the shop owner told me to find it where this sieve is made.

Finally I found it in Begum Bazar in Hyderabad (I live in Hyderabad).

sasaI made some trials at home before I shoot this video. The most difficult part of making motichur laddus is working with such a big and heavy jhara. The sieve weighs about 7-8 kg  (approx.) itself. But once you can make the boondis by the sieve, the remaining tasks are not so difficult i.e, making the sugar syrup and cook the boondis in the syrup.
2The laddu making is a messy task. When you end up with making boondis you will find that the kadhai (pan) and cooktop are covered with batter. Also the oil splits all over the workplace.

However, the end result is really worth it. The laddus taste so divine that you won’t go for mithai shop any more.

Boondis cooked in sugar syrup

Boondis cooked in sugar syrup

Here are some useful tips that I found while making the laddus.  Just follow these tips and video, you are gonna be expert of making the Real Motichur Laddus at home.

Buy right perforated ladle

Get the finest sieve/ jhara from the shop. The secret of perfect motichur laddus lies in this sieve. 

Make flowing/ watery consistency batter.

Pour little amount of water at a time and make thick batter, Then pour remaining wate  and make flowing consistency batter. Otherwise the batter will form lump and you can’t make boondis.

Clean the bottom of the sieve

One more thing you should remember that every time you have done frying clean the bottom because the holes are very tiny. So the batter can not pass through and make fine boondis.

Stir the batter

Every time you just stir the batter before pouring in the sieve. Because when the batter in resti in position,it sets bottom.



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