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Pizza Sauce (Italian Pizza/ Pasta sauce) – using only this sauce prepare your own pizza and pasta. You won’t think twice of buying ready made pizza sauce next time!

pizza sauce

This Pizza/Pasta Sauce is easy & quick version. This is an amazing sauce to spread on pizza, calzone and also put in pasta.  It has lot of possibilities to use.
Everybody who watches my video or follow my recipe, already know that I describe every detail of the recipe. Here I also share the recipe from perfect way to blanching the tomatoes and finish when the sauce is completely done.
So it  is highly recommended to make this sauce because this is not only easy to make, delicious but also holds the freshness and packed with full of flavor that can not be beaten by the store bought pizza sauce.

pizza sauceThough this sauce recipe came from the kitchens of Italy, but it is not difficult to find the ingredients around your kitchen. The most important ingredient of this Pizza/Pasta Sauce is tomato. Choose whole firm, well-shaped, and richly colored tomatoes because the sauce won’t get that color and texture if we don’t use good tomatoes. And artificial color just sucks.
The other ingredients that make this sauce flavorful  are garlic, basil (tulsi), Italian mixed herbs (combination of all essential Italian herbs), olive oil and pepper or chili flakes (or both).

pizza sauce

Blanched tomatoes

peeledtomato vathPeeled tomatoes

The most important step of this sauce is blanching the tomatoes. Blanching is a heating and cooling process.  First cut cross pattern on the bottom of each tomato. This encourages the skin to split during blanching so you’ll be able to remove the skin easily with your fingers once the tomatoes have cooled. Then put the tomatoes in boiling water, cook for 30-40 seconds and immerse in ice cold water immediately.  It slows down natural enzymes in the tomatoes that could cause loss of flavor and color. It also helps in peeling the tomatoes.

The recipe I have shared is the basic and simple one. If you want you can make it more flavorful by adding chopped onion, coriander and capsicum.

ingredients for pizza sauce

If you are a Italian food lover and want to make pizza or pasta from scratch at home make this now and store it for 3-4 days. Whenever your family want to have spread on pizza base or put in pasta and serve immediately. Impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.

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