Rabri Malpua | Indian Dessert | Festival Recipe

Rabri Malpua is truly sinful combination that will double your festive mood with joy & triumph.
Malpua is a sweet pancake, usually made with flour, semolina & milk. But I added condensed milk and some of the rabri to make it delightful to taste.

Whereas Rabri is literally thickened milk, done by reducing the milk on heat for long hours. It takes almost 3 hours to get 200 gm rabri from 1 litre whole milk.

This is not necessary to  always serve rabri with malpua, but they go best together – simply irresistible. You can just serve these pancakes coated with the sugar syrup only.

If you plan to serve rabri with malpua, then you can make it before you prepare the malpua or a day before. refrigerate the rabri so that you can serve the cool reabri with hot malpua.

malpuas should be served hot or warm. If you serve them at room temperature or chill them, then the malpuas become chewy, tastes not good.



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