Raindrop Cake | Water Bottle Cake (Mizu shingen Mochi)

Raindrop Cake recipe with step by step video – Raindrop Cake is basically a Japanese clear and dense jelly dessert that looks like a big drop of rain. It’s called “Mizu Shingen Mochi” in Japan. This is alternatively called “Water cake”, “Unicorn Tear” and “Edible Water Bottle”.


This raindrop cake is super trendy and going viral on the web. When I saw the video on social media, I was like I have to make it anyway. The most important ingredient is agar agar which is jelly-like substance, obtained from algae. It is used to set the any jelly dessert. I ordered it online as it was not available in local stores in India. Initially I tried with “China Grass” from the local store but it didn’t work.

It was really challenging for me to adapt the recipe. I attempted 7 -8 times to make perfect raindrop cake. I experimented by adding more water, less agar or less water, more agar. But nothing worked.  Finally I got the right measurements and here it is – The Perfect Raindrop Cake.

raindrop cakeThere are lot of speculations that it is not a cake. It looks like jello. It is so delicate and tastes flavorless but refreshing. The moment you put in the mouth it melts into water and when you touch it ‘s simply jiggly. It is topped up with black sugar syrup (Kuromitsu) and roasted soya flour (Kinako) to put some taste in the bland cake.

I couldn’t find those authentic soya flour  and black syrup. So i made the Kinako and substituted the black sugar syrup with sugar cane jaggery syrup or you can replace with honey.

The cake should be eaten immediately otherwise the cakes melt into a puddle if left at room temperature for half an hour.

This Raindrop Cake is recreated by NYC-based chef Darren Wong. who sells at Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s food flea market.

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