Rum Fruit & Nut cake |Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe

Undoubtedly Christmas time has always been special in our life. No matter whose festival this is, we just need a small excuse to indulge in.

During Christmas, what is most essential is a “Cake” and that should be rich in rum with loads of dry fruits and nuts. Let’s make the very old fashioned Rum Fruit & Nut cake.

There are some links of essential tools which you may need to make this cake.

Some common FAQ:

Is there any substitute of rum?

Yes.. If you want to make non alcoholic version, use orange juice for soaking the dry fruits.

Why is batter curdling after adding orange juice?

Orange and lemon are citrus fruits. So it’s quite natural curdling the batter. After adding dry ingredients the batter will be absolutely fine.

Is it important to store the cake?

I don’t like storing the cake and my appetite don’t allow to do it. I like fresh cake just baked from the oven. So it’s not too important.

How to store soaked dry fruits?

You should store in glass jar because plastic container can react with alcohol. Keep in the refrigerator

How long should the dry fruits soak?

 The range of soaking the dry fruits is before 1 month to 24 hours of baking the cake? 

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