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Double Ka Meetha is a delectable Hyderabadi bread pudding. I first tasted this dessert in a restaurant of Hyderabad almost 4 years back (I have been living in Hyderabad for past 5 years) and I loved this meetha recipe. I tried it lot of time at home and came out delicious as always (praised by my family and friends).


I thought of sharing this recipe with you guys as I know you will also love it. And finally I am done with shoot and editing. It’s always my pleasure to make a good video for you. I am just addicted. And when I got your great response, it makes my day.

There is another similar dish called “shahi tukda/ shahi tukra”. But “Shahi Tukda” and “Double ka meetha” has a small difference.fdf

First the bread is toasted in ghee and dip in sugar syrup, then served with rabri and dried nuts and raisins. This method is same for both. But in “Double ka meetha”, the bread is baked after putting in rabri. And then only the bread swells up to almost double its original size. That’s why it is called “Double Roti( in local dialects)” or “Double Ka Meetha”.double ka meetha

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