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Get the Bengali’s most popular Sorse Ilish recipe with step by step video instruction.

Sorse Ilish is a classic Bengali fish curry, made of Hilsa fish cooked in delectable mustard sauce. Get all the tips like how to use mustard in fish.

sorse ilish

Hilsa is known to be as “queen of the fish”. It’s a very tasty and rich fish. This is not like other fishes that are available throughout the year. It is only available during monsoon. And this particular season is just celebrating like festivals in every Bengali house.
Though it’s so high in price, but Bengali don’t deprive themselves from eating this fish. It became kind of tradition that Bengali have to eat at least one fish to save their identity.

mustardThe most important ingredient of this fish preparation is “mustard”. The combination of mustard, onion seeds, green chili and  mustard oil with hilsa go really great and bring very distinct flavor. The usage of spices are very less. Simplicity is the main secret of this exclusive “Sorse Ilish”.

sorse ilishIn this recipe, I didn’t use any onion, ginger or garlic because they will spoil the authenticity of the preparation. Hilsa has it’s own flavor. So let it release it’s flavor in the mustard gravy.

I used ready made mustard powder for this fish preparation. As we use mustard frequently in many dishes, so I keep the mustard powder in my pantry. It is more convenient to use and not bitter at all.

If you are going to make fresh mustard paste at home, then soak 1 tsp big black mustard and white mustard seeds in the water and blend along with 1 green chili and salt. Don’t use small mustard seeds. this way the paste will be nice and not bitter.

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