Tandoori Chicken On Gas Stove | Tandoori Chicken Without Tandoor Oven

Let’s make Tandoori Chicken without oven on stove top.. Step by step recipe with video (above) on how to make tandoori chicken ON GAS STOVE without compromising the taste.

Tandoori Chicken is always a great starter for any small or big gatherings. Because it is super delicious, juicy and can rock your taste buds.

This is usually made with big chicken pieces on the bone marinated in yogurt and delicious Indian spices – grilled in a tandoor to a perfection.

It may not always be affordable to bring from restaurant and you also want to impress your guests with your culinary skills. But you don’t have any fancy equipment like tandoor, oven or microwave. Still you can make this delicious recipe. How? just using your conventional gas stove.

First i’m gonna marinade the chicken with simple yogurt and masala mix, then cook in a pan and finally grill it straight on the flame to bring that traditional tandoori flavor. Isn’t it easy?

Watch the video and will come to know how simple and easy to make this tandoori chicken.

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