Thai Red Curry Paste – Easy Vegetarian Base For Thai Cuisine (With Local Ingredients)

Red curry paste is an indispensable ingredient of Thai Cuisine. It’s a blazing hot paste of red chilies, spices and strongly bonded with Thai herbs. Though the recipe is Thai, it’s not hard to make at home. Most of the ingredients are always around in your kitchen. Just you have to find out lemongrass which you can buy from leading supermarket.

Lemongrass is a herb commonly used to make Thai teas, soups and curries. It has subtle citrus flavor and fresh aroma which makes the Thai cuisine really flavorsome.

Another ingredient also used in this paste thai is “Galangal” – equivqlent to ginger. I substitute the recipe with ginger as I didn’t find it here in India.


The ingredient which makes the paste super hot is Whole Dried Red Chilies and peppercorns. Whole red chilies produce fiery red color and heat too. I presoaked red chilies in the hot water to soften enough. I helps in grinding red chilies.

The recipe is developed with locally available ingredients so that you can make easily and enjoy Thai foods.

Traditionally mortar and pestle is used but I don’t have it and who has time to pound in that? So regular blender works good for me.

You can buy packaged red curry paste but preparing with fresh ingredients add flavor to the dish and fun too.

So….. Try this recipe. Once you try you will never buy packaged curry paste again and so simple to make.


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