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Vegetable cutlet is an easy and delicious snack made with mixed boiled and mashed vegetables. This recipe is inspired by kolkata street food. Kolkata is well known for it’s larger variety of street food and this cutlet is one of them.

Boiled & mashed veg

Boiled & mashed veg

This cutlet has unique style of making. Here beetroot, potato and carrot are boiled and mashed, cooked with roasted peanuts, raisins and freshly prepared spice powder, then make in small patties and deep fried.  This is the typical method of Kolkata street vendors. This is also known as “Beetroot Cutlet”.

I personally don’t like beetroot, but when I prepare these cutlets – OMG I can’t resist myself. During frying I ate couple of cutlets by the sake of tasting. 🙂

beetroot mixture

beetroot mixture

The unique masala mix recipe is also given in the instruction below. So read it carefully. For better understanding watch the video.

This is of course healthy cutlet. But it could be more healthier if you bake it and that is also without compromising with taste. It is as tasty as the deep fried one.

It can be served as starter for any party. I prepared for a small get together for my vegetarian friends. But the interesting thing is – the non vegetarian friends of mine left “Chicken Tandoori” after having this veg cutlet.

When you give it bite, it will melt  in mouth. So delicate it is. The addition of peanuts add nutty bite and raisin gives sweeter taste to it. Beetroot and carrot are already sweet in taste. So this vegetable cutlet is little sweet and spicy.

It is no onion, no garlic recipe. So this is ideal during fast and also for Jain community.

You can also check my Bengali style Fish Cutlet Recipe in my website.

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