Youtube Dessert By Sharmilazkitchen | 100th Episode Celebration On Youtube

Along with this YouTube Dessert, Sharmilazkitchen has completed 100 episodes on YouTube. A big day for us. So it’s celebration time.

YouTube dessert

Youtube dessert with Indian Top 3 best sweets/ desserts

Learn this creative dessert recipe with proper video demonstration that I prepared for YouTube.

YouTube is a wonderful platform which allows us to create and share innovative ideas with you all. Thus we always get connected.

For the 100th video, I always wanted to make something creative but also holds the Indian value and tradition. Then I came up with this dessert which is a combination of both.

I made 3 Indian traditional sweets/ desserts to complete this YouTube dessert.

cookieFor the base, I made Indian cookie which is egg less shortbread style butter cookie originated in Surat. You would love the addition of semolina and gram flour which impart a marvelous texture and crunch to the cookie.

red-chennaDyed Chenna (soft Indian cheese) dough to make dessert

strawberry-concentrateStrawberry reduction/ concentrate
For the red rounded rectangular section, I made a mouth melting dessert, generally made with Indian curd cheese/ Chenna and sugar. Strawberry is a additional twist that enhances distinct fruity flavor and trendy dessert. This sweet is originated from West Bengal and spread the popularity all over the India and outside the country.

For the triangle section of the logo I made Kaju barfi which is a cashew fudge, made with pure cashew and sugar. The recipe has already been featured in my channel and website as well. This kaju barfi is pure authentic and I shared all the tips and techniques to get perfect Kaju barfi/ Kaju Katli.

The combination of these three sweets is really amazing. Salty aromatic biscuits along with mouth melting cheese sweets and kaju barfikaju barfi.

If you notice the above description doesn’t contain the name of the two recipes. I will demonstrate you how to make them. The only thing you have to do is finding the recipes name and let me know in the comment section. It’s simple.You would love finding them.

And if you like this recipe, share on social media, rate the recipe, watch the video and share your feedback. I would love to hear back from you.


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