tandoori chicken

Tandoori Chicken On Gas Stove | Tandoori Chicken Without Tandoor Oven

0 of 5 30 Minutes 2

Big chicken Chunks on the bone marinated in yogurt and delicious Indian spices - grilled in a tandoor to a perfection. also make tawa paneer tikka, Pomfret Tandoor, Tandoori Prawn...

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Paneer Kathi Roll – Kolkata Style Paneer Tikka Roll

5 of 5 30 Minutes 10

Get the step by step method to make Paneer Kathi Roll, paneer tikka roll or paneer roll. It basically involves a parata rolled with spicy stuffing of paneer.

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Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora – Indian Chicken Fritters – Sharmilazkitchen

0 of 5 10 Minutes 350

Get step by step Chicken Pakora (chicken fritters) recipe - bite-size chicken pieces marinated in special gram flour batter, consisting of various Indian spices and then cooked to a crisp.

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Chicken Zinger Burger - Recipe + Giveaway

Chicken Zinger Burger – Recipe + Giveaway

0 of 5 20 Minutes 1 kg

This video is in collaboration with JORD Wood Watches. Chicken Zinger Burger is an lip smacking chicken burger that comes up with a crunchy breaded patty made of chicken breast,...

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garlic bread

Easy Cheese Garlic Bread – Sharmilazkicthen

0 of 5 3 Minutes 4

First a seasoned butter mixture is applied on bread slices and toast on griddle (tawa).

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tawa paneer tikkaa

Tawa Paneer Tikka By Sharmilazkitchen

0 of 5 5 Minutes 240 gm

Get the Tawa Paneer Tikka recipe which is easy and quick, can be made without oven on gas stove. Paneer Tikka is an obvious choice for vegetarians in the restaurants....

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Ginger Prawns By Sharmilazkitchen (Video) | Indo-Chinese Appetizer

Ginger Prawns By Sharmilazkitchen (Video) | Indo-Chinese Appetizer

0 of 5 30 Minutes 350

Learn Ginger Prawns recipes and impress your guests or yourself. It has mild sweetness from sweet chillies along with a punch of lot of ginger. Truly divine. Great appetizer.

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sweet-n-sour chicken

Sweet & Sour Chicken | Easy Delicious Chinese Main Course Dish

5 of 5 30 Minutes 1 medium bowl

Now you can make homemade delicious "Sweet & Sour Chicken" which will be more better in taste and reasonable than restaurant. You might think the dish is difficult to make...

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