Tips to make fried snacks

Tips to make fried snacks

Tips to make fried snacks

Everybody loves to eat fried snacks (fried snacks includes fritters (pakodas), cutlets, vadas, etc.). Whether it’s an onion,  eggplant, potato or chilli fritters, no one wants to miss it .

Almost every Indian family is addicted to fastfood. If you ever peep inside their kitchen, you’ll find that  the homemakers are trying to make the most appetizing and palatable snacks. But their multiple attempts bring no taste like that of actual street foods.

But we’ve some solution to it… These Below few tips is going to make you understand the secret of deep fried snacks that gives the street food tastes.

  • Always put the ingredients in an enough heated oil, if not then the fried product may become oily (due to excess oil observation). Sometimes even you may also get the raw smell of oil. So before you put your ingredients to fry, do check if the oil is heated or not.
  • It’s recommended to use non-stick frying pan for frying  your ingredients. It helps to get rid of the bottom pan  sticking and will save excess oil and time.
  • At the time of frying, make sure that the flame is low. because it helps the inner part of the food to be cooked properly.
  • Cook the food in right amount of oil. Always try to avoid reusing of same oil for frying multiple food items.
  • At the time of frying, add a little vinegar to oil to make the snacks less oily.
  • Don’t cook the snacks in high flame because It’ll make the outside crispy  remaining the inside uncooked.
  • Sometimes you have excess oil left after frying, but it has remaining burnt substances in it. To remove burnt portion, heat the burnt oil with a bit of water to make a part of the oil float up and remaining burnt part to go down. This way, you can extract the fresh oil out of used oil.
  • Try to use perforated ladle or strainer for frying. It helps to turn over the snack and drain off excess oil.
  • You can put a piece of cardamom or mace in the oil to get flavorful food.
  • You should be very careful to put the marinated food items in the hot oil and cover the pan properly to avoid splitting of it over your skin.
  • Last but not the least, heat the pan well before putting oil in that pan.


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