Top Tips and FAQs to make soft and Spongy Rosogollas

Top Tips and FAQs to make soft and Spongy Rosogollas

Go grab Authentic Bengali Rasgulla Recipe here. Read on to pick up some top tips to make soft and spongy Rosogollas.

Some call it Rasgulla, Rasgulle or rosogolla in Bengali.. Whatever the name is – Theses sweet cheese balls are really sinful dessert, compel your mouth to drop water.

If you trace the history of rosogolla you will find that the origin of this sweet balls are from Orissa, India. Later on it became famous in West Bengal.

But whatever the history says – we love to call it Bengali delicacy because every Bengali is just crazy about rosogolla. However, it is any festival or just to treat your sweet tooth, Rosogllas are out of the word.

I was wondering to post this ” Rosogolla” recipe for long time. I used to miss the “Kolkatar Rosogolla” too much as I grown up by eating all those delicious sweets of Kolkata. As you know I’m a foodie and passionate cook, who will hold me back from creating these soft cheese balls in my kitchen.
So I made – again and again. This is not obvious that you will get the perfect rosogollas at first time but don’t be depressed. Keep trying.


First time it came out so hard that head will get fractured if I hit. Sometimes broken, tasteless and many difficulties I have faced and end of the day it’s like “leave it”. But slowly the rosogollas started coming out wonderful and here is the perfect recipe like the way I had seen long time ago in the sweet shop in Kolkata.

The recipe has 5 important steps:

  • Making the cheese or Chenna
  • Thick sugar syrup
  • Kneading the cheese/ chenna
  • Thin sugar syrup
  • Cooked the cheeseballs in sugar syrup


Now if you are giving your hand first time try, then you may wonder these questions in your mind. So I create these FAQs (frequently asked questions).

What is Rosogolla/ Rasgulla

Rosogolla is an Indian soft and spongy mini cheeseballs prepared by freshly squeezed chhena which is done by curdling the milk and cooked in sugar syrup. It is national sweet of India.

Skimmed or whole milk?

To make authentic rosogollas, you should use whole cow/ buffalo milk, because it contains more fat which gives the rosogollas better texture, more in quantity and makes feather soft

How to curdle the milk

To curdle the milk we need edible acidic substance like vinegar, citric acid, curd or whey (that we get after curdling the milk). It’s very important to use curd or whey to curdle the milk specially when you are making Bengali cheese sweets. Vinegar or citric acid is highly acidic, They curdle the milk very fast and makes the chenna hard. you can use them while making paneer for curries

My Rasgulla turn out hard/ dry, what's wrong?

There are four possibilities

You did not knead Chenna fine enough.
You added too much Maida/ refined flour.
You cook the chhena.
You waited too long to cook the Rasgulla after the balls were made.

Better you watch the recipe video to learn all the solutions to make rosogollas.

Here is the recipe: Bengali Rasgulla / Rosogolla| Indian Authentic Dessert

You can also ask me in the comment below, I will post them in answer format here.

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6 Responses to Top Tips and FAQs to make soft and Spongy Rosogollas

  1. Talat April 18, 2017 at 2:02 am #

    I left chhena for whole it’s too tacky to hurdle/mix it till smooth dough.its very soft and moist too.what to do?

    • sharmila April 19, 2017 at 7:24 am #

      Hi.. the chhena should be soft and moist if you want to make rasgulla or any dessert, then your dessert would be tasty. you are going right way.
      If you want to make paneer for curries, then it would not be ideal. For curries, paneer should be little hard..

      • sharmila April 19, 2017 at 7:25 am #

        you should be happy because you make perfect chhena..

  2. Pooja verma May 27, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Mam Maine kai bar rasgulle ki receip ko try kiya.but problem kaha hai mai samajh nahi Pa rahi.rasgulle ki kneading bhi properly karti hu.lekin sugar syrup me dalne per 10minut bad chhena achha pholne ke bad bhi sugar syrup curdle hone Lagta hai aur rasgulla upri Satah se phatne lagta hai.why plz reply me

  3. Debra Daniel October 4, 2018 at 7:14 am #

    Thanks for amazing article on Rasgulla I heard and saw many rasgulla recipe but never saw like this its kind new thing for me HAHHA

    I will be trying this in upcoming weekend because I have invited some guests in my
    home so it will be better to serve them this amazing recipe

    but can you please clear my one question that is it possible to use
    persian saffron in it ? or not ? IF yes ! then how much , Yesterday I bought it in good saffron price then market

    please reply I will be waiting

    Thanks Debra

    • sharmila August 16, 2019 at 12:32 pm #

      Yes. You can do. 15 -20 strands will be good.

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